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Mixed Bag Media is delighted to announce that it has optioned

‘A Quiet Tide’, the acclaimed debut novel of Irish writer Marianne Lee which is published by New Island.

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Set in 1805, it’s the true story of an extraordinary Irishwoman Ellen Hutchens, Ireland first female botanist. In her short life she catalogued over a thousand species of seaweed and plants from her native Bantry Bay. A major contributor to nineteenth-century scientific discovery and yet, like so many brilliant women, her story was lost in history.


The project will be developed as a feature film by IFTA winner producer Garret Daly and adapted for the screen by by Marianne Lee.


‘It’s a beautiful novel that examines an inspiring long-forgotten Irish woman. Marieann’s attention to detail and perceptive research captures the heartbreak of missed opportunities. Its themes have a strong resonance for society today.’ said Garret Daly.


Originally from Tullamore in Co.Offaly Marianne Lee is a graduate of Creative Writing from Trinity College Dublin. Her debut novel ‘A Quiet Tide’ was published in spring 2020 to notable acclaim.


‘Having spent some years immersed in Ellen Hutchins’s remarkable story, I’m excited to now adapt it for the screen, working with Mixed Bag Media with the support of Screen Ireland’ remarked writer Marianne Lee. ‘Ellen’s life was full of achievement and tragedy, set against a backdrop of family conflict during a fascinating period of Irish history. I look forward to creating her world for a new audience.’


‘A Quiet Tide’ will be developed by Mixed Bag Media with the assistance of Screen Ireland.

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